Second new tyre of 2018...

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Second new tyre of 2018...

Post by Dave » Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:48 pm

The first new tyre was a rear on the RT when I collected the bike. That rear has now done well over a thousand miles and is still looking good.

But the front...different story...

After a gentle Monday morning run to work watching out for icy patches, pot holes/trenches/bottomless pits, ridges of sand/grit/gravel/mud and small rivers/lakes on the roads, I thought my front seemed to be tramlining at some corners when I was not going over white lines, joins in different sections of tar or the ridges of grit/slime in the middle third.

Once I got to work and had a look at my tyre I noticed there was visible tread for 100% of the tyre, but the sides had less rubber than the bottom and a 50pence is more round in shape than that tyre. 

Although I thought it was legal but not convinced that pissy plod would like the look of it, and it would not have remained legal for long.

Thinking about this I assume that will have been the GT version of the PR4, great for upright motorways, but not so good for the twisties that account for most of the roads I ride on.

Due to the spring weather forecast of heavy rain/hail/sleet and snow, I thought I better get a new tyre asap. 

I managed to locate a PR4 that could be fitted on Monday before 5pm, so I had a direct run to Cuminestown, then a not so direct route home.
I had to fuel up the bike in Turriff, then because of the new tyre and a bike that is newish to me, I took it easy for a few miles on the main road,  but that was a bit dull, and I did have a giggle at the bikes range was showing 300 miles, so I did a right turn and had a challenge to keep off the Satnav’s advised route yet still head in a homeward direction.

I still took it easy but now with great views, very little traffic, stunning MPG, yet the miles to destination did not vary much at each “recalculating” , which the satnav did, often

Poor wee satnav kept shouting at me with the likes of : “return to road” , “west” , “track”…and its favourite “recalculating”

All good clean fun
This is not the exact route, but pretty close :,+1 ... 322993!3e0


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