Pirelli angel STD?

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Pirelli angel STD?

Post by pjgsxr »

Anyone tried this rubber?

was planning a visit to sillets today

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Re: Pirelli angel STD?

Post by Newbus »

Was looking into them for the Busa .Reading the website they seem good for heavier bikes


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Re: Pirelli angel STD?

Post by Sgoaty »

I thought about them too before going for roadsmarts but with them being so new there arent many reviews about. Worth a punt though if Sillets are still doing them for £186 fitted

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Re: Pirelli angel STD?

Post by BigBadBusa »

Got a pair on my 02 Busa and they seem to be pretty good, i do a mixture of "spirited" back road riding, two up touring and the odd "0mph-infinity" high jinx...on long straight private roads ; ) and i haven't had reason to fault them yet.....got the rear at Silletts for £104 on special offer about 2 months ago and got the front one fitted two weeks ago for £82....... : )

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Re: Pirelli angel STD?

Post by Akrapovic »

Zax has a set of them on his mille and rates them. :2up

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Re: Pirelli angel STD?

Post by ElectroFunkDaddy »

my rear tyre on the daytona is one of these, can say i noticed any differnce from the diablos

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Re: Pirelli angel STD?

Post by Zax »

SO far the angels are not bad . :2up
I think that they will stand up quite well to the punnishment the v-twin dishes out to tyres

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Re: Pirelli angel STD?

Post by cbr1100 »

I went to get my normal Metz fitted at sillets and he said to try the angels which i did, i have done 1000 miles on them and i will definetly using them again, great grip and i love them in the wet, better than the Metz which i have used 5 sets of.
you see the angel profile on the tyre when new, even with the halo, after 500 miles it changes to the devil.......cool...... :2up

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