Bead blasting

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Bead blasting

Post by steve »

Hi guys , I'm wanting the downpipes from my 1999 R1 cleaned up , I was hoping to get them bead blasted or something similar to clean them an make them look good for a streetfighter project I'm planning on finishing over the winter ,

Do any of you know of any company in aberdeen that could help me with this ?

Cheers in advance :2up

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Re: Bead blasting

Post by Feckdeamon »

They're probably thin stainless.

You may get better results pickling them - ... 11&bih=817

Just be aware that pickling paste is nasty stuff, seriously strong acid which will f*ck you up on contact, and the fumes aren't nice either. Make sure you read the instructions and use PPE!!!!

Edit: Alternatively, bring em to me I'll do them for you. Think I have some pickling paste somewhere.
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Re: Bead blasting

Post by Ratz »

finesse coatings
01224 581725

recommended by a mate

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