Running Older bikes on Unleaded Fuel

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Running Older bikes on Unleaded Fuel

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About to put my 1983 Big Mans Wanger R 80 G/S on the road soon (hopefully) and, whilst researching the options for running an older machine on unleaded fuel, came across this on ebay: Mans Wanger-Rockster- ... 2a235ef509 ... 484ad59f8e

I was initially sceptical about it, as it seems a bit 'miracle cure-ish' and just wondered whether anyone had any experience/heard anything about the product. It's cheaper than a c/head exchange/valve seat job, but would it wreck m'old bike?

Cheers for now

DM ;)

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Re: Running Older bikes on Unleaded Fuel

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My mates just bought an old ford Capri and has bought something similar rather than using lead replacement additives. He'd found it on the Capri forum.

As to the effectiveness I'm not too sure to be honest.

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Re: Running Older bikes on Unleaded Fuel

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It has all the right content in the adverts. It also mentions valve seat recession half way down the page, which was one of the issues with older type engines. The R80 is a potential candidate if you read this article (half way down the page from somebody called tsflstb): ... 80-rt.html

Engines without hardened valve seat inserts were usually at risk.

I wouldn't know how long it lasts or how effective it is against other fuel additives though. There's plenty of lead replacement additives around.

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