Tim Hastings - Update - Cadwell Park BSB

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Tim Hastings - Update - Cadwell Park BSB

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Cadwell Park is not one of Tim's favourite circuits, so considering that, we were having a very good weekend. Practise went well, Qualifying 1 went well, in very tricky conditions and Qualifying 2 was also good. Tim lapped faster than he had ever done before so we were in pretty good shape. As it turned out, Tim never made it to the grid due to a pit lane accident. (The incident is being investigated)
I am not one for if's, but's and maybe's....But, maybe if Tim had been on the grid, who know's where he would have been when Ben Gautrey's fatal accident happened? Maybe Tim just wasn't meant to be in the race, who knows....

What does one say at difficult times like this? I can't begin to think how Ben's family and friends must be feeling at this time. It is something I try desperately hard not to spend too much time thinking about, because I can't imagine my world without Tim Hastings. However the reality of the dangers surrounding our sport hit home so very hard when something as tragic as this happens. I constantly wrestle with my own emotions when it comes to Tim and his racing but the one over riding fact that always seems to win through, is that Tim is doing something he loves to do, with a real passion, and how many of us are lucky enough to be able to do that?

I still don't know what to say to the Gautrey family in order to convey our feelings, something that may help them through the agony, because the truth is, nothing that we say will reverse those tragic circumstances that led to Ben's fatal accident. I sincerely hope that time will help to ease the pain, and that the thoughts and memories you had in your time together will prevail to bring smiles to your faces, each and every time you are reminded of him in the years to come.

All of us at TeamTwister are thinking of you at this very difficult time and offer his family and friends our most sincerest condolences. Thank you for allowing him to share his many talents with us.
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Re: Tim Hastings - Update - Cadwell Park BSB

Post by Akrapovic »

Here here.

RIP Ben. :(

Young lad aswell.
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Re: Tim Hastings - Update - Cadwell Park BSB

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Very sad. Most beautiful thoughts and hopefully your thoughts will help a little to ease their loss.
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