2011 - Round 2

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2011 - Round 2

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Well folks its time for me to dust off the leathers again. Round 2 of the Scottish championship is on this Saturday and Sunday. Weathers looking good which is just as well as my only rear wet is fooked. Missed the first round at the bike show as I was away boarding.

Not been on the bike since the last round in Oct so its probably going to be a bit of a wobble round to start with. If your in the area pop in and have a look.

Track is located here - http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?f=q&hl ... 4&z=9&om=0

http://www.scottishsupermoto.com/2010/i ... -location/

More info here - http://www.scottishsupermoto.com/2010/
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Re: 2011 - Round 2

Post by Dave »

all the best :2up

here is hoping you pick up a win like the last time I watched you race at Crail :2up :2up
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