First impression: Honda Africa Twin 2016 model

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First impression: Honda Africa Twin 2016 model

Post by Dave »

I like it, I like it a lot :2up

My Tracer is in for its 6k service, I got Africa Twin as a loan bike, as I do like silly adventure bikes :biggrin2

It is like Honda have been reading my posts regarding “silly” adventure bikes, and the desire by many manufacturers to go for MORE POWER and more electronic controls with complicated routines to switch off the electronics.
95 ish BHP, a sensible amount of power, manages to get up to 59 mph with no problem.
Still weights too much at 230kg.
It looks top heavy, but does not feel like it.
Rides very well at low speed. It has a small dia turning circle.

It is a twin, and you know this when riding.
With the soft suspension and the thump from the engine it is grin inspiring when you open the throttle.
I found it did run out of revs quickly, but that is probably due to the numpty riding it being accustomed to a triple and high revving four pot for the last year.

It was nice riding a twin again, it is more than capable for riding at sensible speeds, I did like it :2up :biggrin2

The brakes feel soft for a road bike, this gives greater feel when riding thru slippery stuff. I have been accustomed to the feel of soft brakes with my KTM 990 Adventure, but those of you that are only ridden road bikes might initially be worried by the feel thru the brake lever.
The rear ABS can be easily switched off independently, which is a great thing when fafing off road.
The traction control can be switched off when on the move, again another great feature for those that fafabout.

As often the case, the inbuilt navigation system and trip mileage reading is well wrong.
The bike said from Ecosse to Westhill is 36.1 miles, where Google maps say 6.8 miles.

Final thought for now:
I like it, I like it a lot :biggrin2 :2up
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