Monntek Never Drop Paddock Stand

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Monntek Never Drop Paddock Stand

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Bought myself a Monntek paddock stand - made by someone on the Street Triple forums and offers a very good/friendly service.

The stands come in four types from what I understand, bolt versions that support M6, M8 and M10 bolts and a version that allows a bar through hollow rear axles for quick lifting.

I thought I had M8 bolts, but turned out to be M6. Alan sent me new bolts with no problem and I've had it up on the stand. Very secure, particularly with the additional pole that comes with it, stopping the bike from moving forwards at all.

They are a great price for a decent quality product, so thought I'd mention it on here too. His website is below, with videos showing how the stand works, which are clearer than any description I could give.

If you order one, let him know I sent you :)
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