Kevlar riding jeans

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Kevlar riding jeans

Post by Mikeyadam »

Morning folks,

Been thinking of buying a a pair of Kevlar riding jeans and / or a pair of camo trousers. Anybody give and honest opinion as to warmth as I'm a cold beastie.

I'd be using for shortish journeys as nipping into town and going into the office for courses etc.

Cheers in advance

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Re: Kevlar riding jeans

Post by Big Little Dave »

I use the Halverssen kevlar jeans and so far they've been really good. I used them on my Ulster tour last year for the GP and just wore a base layer beneath them for the cold days.
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Re: Kevlar riding jeans

Post by stevemoid »

I'm a fan of them. I picked up a pair of RST ones a couple of years back. They come with knee pads as standard and have pockets for hip guards too. Pockets are a wee bit shallow, but fit a decent size wallet and a non beasting size phone.

I find them extremely comfortable and mine are fairly rain resistant (been caught out in the rain a few times). They're cosy enough, but obviously not as cosy as lined textiles or leathers in my opinion. I tend to wear them in the finer days, as you can wander about in them too without becoming a sweaty mess.

Best bet would be to try a pair on and go for a bimble to see what you think.
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Re: Kevlar riding jeans

Post by metallninja »

I bought these for a touring trip. No high speeds involved.

They are pricey but they are also the only Level 2 certified jeans out there, better than some leathers. The whole jean is made of the material, not just patches on the inside.

Excellent for touring but truth be told, there's nout as reassuring as leathers.
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Re: Kevlar riding jeans

Post by Ratz »

metallninja wrote:.. the only Level 2 certified jeans out there
think the newer draggin stuff is level 2 CE approved aswell ;)
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Re: Kevlar riding jeans

Post by bill.m »

I got my jeans from At least you can get them tailor made for waist size and leg length. Warm enough but not for really cold days or long trips.
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Re: Kevlar riding jeans

Post by RK6 »

metallninja wrote:there's nout as reassuring as leathers.
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Re: Kevlar riding jeans

Post by Dave »

I often wear Draggin Jeans.

Warmth…depending in the bike I am riding

On a FZ1N…not toasty

Riding the GS Adventure on Friday morning with the bike saying the temperature is between -1 and +2 deg C…frost on the side of the road when in the shade, my hands were the coldest bits and I had to switch on the heated grips…my legs were OK.
I also rode thru a few showers on the 130 mile run home :biggrin2 …and my legs were fine, when I got home I had a look at the fuel tank on the GSA and it acts like a faring.

Kevlar Jeans…warmer than normal jeans but the bike has a big part to play on the overall warmth.
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Re: Kevlar riding jeans

Post by Granite »

+1 for the hood jeans.
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